IP Licensing in Texas

Houston & Dallas/Fort Worth IP License Attorney

Our intellectual property (IP) licensing practice includes negotiating and enforcing licensing agreements on behalf of our clients. A license typically includes permissions and privileges that would be otherwise unlawful. Businesses enter into license agreements and generally waive the right to sue for conduct that would otherwise be actionable. As such, it is essential to safeguard against unfair terms and to balance the bargained for exchange.

Each licensing negotiation typically includes an initial relationship assessment, where each party discusses what could mutually benefit the other including grant provisions, territory of rights, future IP, limitations on sublicensing, royalty schemes, marking provisions, auditing rights, representations and warranties, challenge waivers, grant-back clauses, enforcement rights, choice of law provisions, and assignability of rights provided by the licensing agreement.

Our intellectual property licensing attorney helps clients by assessing and identifying the rights, duties, and obligations of each party while striving to get our clients favorable licensing terms that meet their end goals. We also help our clients architect exit strategies and provide expertise on what terms and obligations should survive after the licensing agreement terminates.

    We offer a variety of different licensing related services including:

  • Copyright licenses;
  • Trademark and brand licenses;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Patent licenses;
  • Technology/know-how licenses;
  • Trade Secret licenses;
  • Software licenses;
  • End-user licenses;
  • Beta software licenses;
  • Open source licenses;
  • Non-exclusive licenses;
  • Exclusive licenses;
  • Cross-licenses;
  • Field-of-use licenses;
  • Grant-back licenses;
  • Sub-licenses;
  • Compulsory licenses;
  • Shop right licenses and agreements;
  • Licensing audits; and
  • Licensing enforcement actions.